We are experts in helping to secure car finance for our customers from across the UK and over 70% of our vehicles are sold this way.

We offer very attractive car finance options giving our customers the benefit of low interest rates with unrivalled finance packages.

Want to see if you qualify for finance? It's easy! Take advantage of our reserve a car facility, let us take your details and then we'll take care of everything else. In the unlikely situation that we are unable to get a credit line for you, nothing is lost, we simply thank you for your time, put the vehicle back up for sale and refund the £100 reserve.

Regardless of your current financial circumstances or credit history, Caralot will strive to achieve the most competitive finance package available, tailored to your personal requirements. Our main lender offers exclusive benefits to our customers with discounted shopping and free high street vouchers and can offer bespoke packages at incredibly low rates that are significantly lower than the industry norm. Please ask for further details.

To ensure you don't miss out on your chosen car, please contact us using the secure online form below and we will do the rest. Reserve the car and then it's off sale until the finance company has made a decision, so apply now!