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From our purpose built car cosmetic repair facility on site at Caralot, we offer a vehicle paint repair service by a highly trained team of professionals called Paintalot. Between the team, they boast over 50 years of experience in the industry and guarantee to give you a finish that other vehicle repairers could only dream of.

Whether you've damaged your bumper, scraped your door, kerbed an alloy wheel, had your wing mirror smashed or scuffed a sill, we can help.

If your current vehicle is scratched, scraped, had body panel damage or needs an alloy wheel refurbishing, then you need to visit Paintalot, where no job is too small or too big.


  1. Visit us before making an insurance claim, often our repairs are cheaper than the excess of your policies.
  2. Don't spend a fortune replacing alloys wheels, we can make them look like new by refurbishing, painting, and undertaking full alloy restoration; all in a variety of colours too.
  3. If your lease car is about to be returned and has any damage then pay us a visit so that we can refurbish and rectify the imperfections - saving you a fortune in charges.
  4. We'll find the best priced replacement body panels and parts so you don't have to which will save you thousands versus main dealer prices.


We believe that the same principals apply to cosmetic rectification as they do to selling cars and we aim to give you a fantastic service at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the speed at which it can be completed plus we love to save people money every single day.


We also offer our services to the trade and will happily undertake work for any motor dealer who requires a service better than they already get. We already do work for numerous main dealers in the Derbyshire area and it's easy to see why. We are VAT registered, fully insured and are incredibly polite and professional to deal with.

So whether you have one alloy wheel that's scuffed, or your vehicle needs a full respray, then give us a call. Let us give you a no obligation quote and you'll find that our car paint repair services are the very best in Derby, Derbyshire and the Midlands!