Team Shinealot are here to make your new vehicle gleam ready for collection day.

Here at Caralot we don't just employ any run of the mill car cleaners, we have Team Shinealot, perhaps the greatest car valeters in the industry today. They boast a wealth of experience and talent valeting vehicles from Peugeot's to Porsche's, Ford's to Ferrari's and Mitsubishi's to Mercedes'.

They possess a passion and drive unlike others in this industry and strive to make your collection experience as pleasurable as possible by presenting your new vehicle just like when it left the factory from new.

Have you ever wondered what process a vehicle goes through at Caralot prior to collection to make it shine bright like a diamond? This what Team Shinealot will do to your new car...

  • Full exterior pressure wash including door shuts, arches, lower sills and seals.
  • Alloy wheels chemically treated removing brake dust and other oxidants leaving them like new.
  • Engine compartments carefully cleaned by hand ensuring no mechanical or electric problems.
  • Exteriors hand washed with sheepskin mits as opposed to abbrasive sponges protecting the paintwork.
  • Bodywork polished and buffed to perfection making the paint positively gleam.
  • Interior deep cleaned, dusted and shampooed where required including all upholstery and carpets.
  • All interior plastics and trims treated creating that new car finish.

We take every effort to ensure that the products and chemicals Team Shinealot use are as environmentally friendly as possible and won't affect any of the cars passengers who suffer from chemical allergies.

But there's more, not only will Team Shinealot clean and valet your new vehicle to such an incredible standard but will also...

  • Fit a set of brand new number plates to your car, with multiple styles and designs available.
  • Install a Caralot tax disc holder free of charge.
  • Guarantee you a delightful scent inside the car for the forseeable future with a Caralot air freshener.

This service is also available to members of the general public who want the Shinealot experience but haven't purchased a vehicle from ourselves. Should you be interested in having your current vehicle carefully valeted and prepared to the highest of standards then please get in touch using the form below or by contacting us via livechat, e-mail or telephone.