Team Caralot are a diverse group of passionate, hardworking individuals with a variety of backgrounds whose combined talents help deliver each and every one of our customers a fantastic buying experience. Hand picked as experts in their respective fields, the team continues to grow in line with the ongoing expansion of the business and currently numbers 15. Should you wish to learn more about Team Caralot please read below.

Captain Caralot - The Only Motortrade Superhero Captain

Caralot is the motor trade's first and only superhero, fighting the injustices of poor service and high prices nationwide. A mysterious but friendly figure, the Captain's past is shrouded in secrecy, no one knowing what unfortunate incident earlier in his life caused him to don the lycra and begin his quest for justice for the car buying public of the UK. He believes in fairness, the truth and giving people the most enjoyable car buying experience they'll ever have. He likes to wind down by watching boxing, darts and professional wrestling and is also a social media hero having over 30,000 followers on twitter. So if you've been a victim of really poor service from a motor dealer then give the Captain a call, he's ready to save you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.....

​Jamie Caple - Creative Director 

Joining the industry at the turn of the millenium, Jamie enjoyed a successful 10 years working for both supermarket and main dealer groups before fulfilling a lifelong dream of setting up Caralot. Jamie's vision was for a car buying destination unlike any other, a place where all were welcome and nobody would leave without a smile on their face. His 'Creative' moniker stems from some of the more creative marketing ideas he has come up with for the business including but not limited to: the Caralettes, Captain Caralot, the chilli challenges, our irritating radio campaign plus much much more.  He spends his days relentlessly pursuing his dream of delivering the ultimate car buying experience and relaxes in the evenings by watching professional wrestling. Rumours that he is in fact Captain Caralot are sadly wide of the mark.

Nick Donald - The General

A hard working and incredibly driven person, Nick rapidly climbed up the motor trade corporate ladder culminating in a senior role for Mercedes Benz UK before his 30th birthday. Always challenging the accepted norm, Nick grew tired and dispirited by an industries unwillingness to change and founded Caralot with Jamie in 2010, striving to deliver a car buying experience unlike any other. His nickname reflects his role at Caralot, running a tight efficient unit with military precision. This is a man who spends his free time relaxing with his lovely wife Bess in the Derbyshire countryside and counts the Bill as his all time favourite TV show.

Duncan Eyre - The Funk 

A highly skilled and experienced salesman, Duncan was drafted into the Team midway through 2011 helping fuel the incredible growth experienced by Caralot since opening in 2010. His background working for nationwide supermarket groups and franchised main dealers perfectly positioned him to come and deliver the type of experience Caralot expects its customers to receive. Salaried and not commission based, Duncan takes great pride in making his customers happy, unlike the vast majority of sales people in this industry. He also liaises with the numerous sports teams and professional sports people Caralot are involved with, being a keen sportsman in his younger years. He spends his free time being a father, husband and amateur darts player and counts McDonalds fries as his 'major fast food chain' chip of choice.

Michael Connolly - Ops Man 

Michael joined Caralot a month or so after opening, providing much needed relief to Nick and Jamie in the early days. Coming from a motortrade aftersales background, Mike's skills were instrumental in helping our early customers have the most enjoyable car buying experience they'd ever had. He has been called upon to assume many different roles during his 3 year plus tenure and throws everything into every task put in front of him. Known on site as the 'memory man', he has a photographic memory and is instrumental in the smooth operation of the business - hence the nickname the 'Ops man'. With his cool demeanour, it's panic over when the Ops Man arrives on the scene, a man who spends his time winding down by enjoying boxing, football and all the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

​Andy Howe - Old Man Howe 

This ambitious young man joined the team in 2011 and is a key part of Team Shinealot, who make our cars cleanliness match the high standards of Caralots overall buying experience. Being a fully trained mechanic Andy has an eye for detail unlike many other valeters and helps to ensure the vehicles literally shine for all of our customers. He works an incredible number of hours and will be on site at some point every single day of the week, taking great pride in his role within the business. He is entrusted with delivering vehicles to customers all over the country as part of our delivery service and also offers support to the sales team at busy times.  Andy boasts a varied number of nicknames at Caralot which include Johnson, Old Man Howe and Sosht!

Andy Bacon - The Rasher 

Andy joined the team in early 2014 to help deal with the increasing number of visitors to the business and to also facilitate the disposal of the huge amount of part exchange vehicles we receive as a business. Andy is well known to the team having first visited as a customer back in 2010 when he purchased a Focus ST. Over the last 4 years he returned numerous times with family and friends to bring us lots of referral business and finally bagged himself a full time position in February 2014. A devoted husband and father, Andy never fails to wear a smile and his cheery disposition and happy go lucky attitude makes him a firm favourite with both team members and customers alike. Interesting fact, Andy Bacons nickname is the Rasher, although why is a complete mystery...

Chris Donald - Big Chris 

Father of Nick, Chris has been an instrumental part of Caralot's success since day one. A fishmonger by trade, Chris joined Caralot full time in the middle of 2011 after retiring from the fish industry, offering support to the business in a variety of different ways. Now one half of Team Pa-alot, Big Chris helps orchestrate the outsourcing of all the mechanical work required on the 100+ vehicles a month sold by Caralot. He also helps both Paintalot and Shinealot with his keen eye for detail and works harder than he ever has before; a vital cog in the Caralot machine. Chris's wife and Nick's mother Jane regularly arrives on a Saturday delivering warm food to the team and spends most of her Monday helping make the dealership sparkle. This pair have been and remain as crucial to the businesses success as ever and have helped Caralot become the something special their son always believed it could become. He enjoys his free time holidaying with Jane and weekends on their boat, and much like his son is a massive fan of a Mercedes Benz, owning and loving a Mercedes ML 4x4.

Bob Caple - Underground

Father of Jamie, Bob joined Caralot in 2011 having sold his retail business and has been a vital part of its ongoing success story ever since. Acutely aware of the pressures put upon his son and business partner Nick of the ever increasing number of vehicles being sold, he and Chris formed Team Pa-alot, their purpose to ensure every single vehicle leaving Caralot is mechanically prepared to the highest of standards and to ensure any issues are rectified and dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Team Pa-alot's passion, hard work and commitment to Caralot is inspiring, essential to the smooth running of the business. Bob is husband to Annie, Jamie's mother, who although less visible on site acts in a guardian angel role, her involvement and commitment to the business so essential. Bob's nickname stems from the early days before joining full time when he was given the keys to a Porsche 911 and officially went underground for two weeks, fulfilling a life long dream of running this iconic sports car and not being seen anywhere for a fortnight. In his spare time Bob likes to spend time with his grandchilden, golfing and plays guitar in his band, the Vinyl 45's.

Phil Straw - The Power

Phil joined Team Caralot in late 2011 having had over 20 years experience in the vehicle preparation industry. He utilises his skillset to prepare our vehicles to the very highest of standards. His main talent is in paintless dent removal, possessing superhero like superpowers - hence his nickname 'The Power'. He became the first member of our team to be out on the road, his legendary dent removal skills being used by car dealers across the midlands, a service we now extend to members of the public too. When he's not removing dents and refurbishing vehicles at Caralot, the laidback Phil loves to play his guitar being a keen and talented musician.